Product Destruction

Outsource Your Destruction

You are not in business to destroy your own goods. This is a job best left for Alan Josephsen Co., Inc., because this is what we do. Your customers can either send their products for destruction directly to us, or you can arrange to drop them off or have us pick them up from a centralized location. Call us for more details.

Case Study (Insert Your Own)

An international manufacturer came to uswith 160,000 pounds of unusable, off-spec shoes. We destroyed and disposed of them for a fraction of what it would have cost our customer to do it at a level of security they couldn’t attain. We kept their brand from being exploited and saved them money.

What Can We Destroy?

X-rays, Clothing, phone cards, glass vases, purses, toys of all kinds, electronics, cigarettes, knives, golf clubs, imitation and real guns, automobile carpets, statues, drug paraphernalia, belts, belt buckles, dolls, promotional merchandise, packaging, and so much more!

Brand Protection Services

  • Recalled Products
  • Obsolete Products
  • Discontinued Products
  • Manufacturing Overruns
  • Off-Spec Items
  • Prototypes
  • Copyright Infringement Protection
  • Brand Protection

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