Paper Packaging Recycling

We take every type of paper at Alan Josephsen Co., Inc. We use our machines to recycle paper. Paper Packaging is about the same process as waste paper. The two are usually recycled into a "mixed paper substance". The process of recycling paper has about 10 steps to achieve it. The first step is pulping, which is adding water and applying the machines to separate the paper fibers from one another. The next step is screening, which is where the liquefied paper is put through a screen to separate the pulp fibers that are too big. Then the pulp is spun at a high rate to move the more dense pulp fibers out of the mixture. This process is called Centrifugal Cleaning.

Flotation, or deinking is the passing of air bubbles out of the mixture, and since the pulp is very foamy, the ink particles raise to the top of the surface with the foam. Then the machines start to knead the mixture, and then the pulp is washed with water to remove the small particles. If the paper is desired to be white, then bleaching is involved to remove the color from the liquefied paper. The paper is then made into new paper, and everything that came out of the the paper is recycled. The water is recycled for reuse and the sludge is used to power the paper mill or used by local farmers.

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